Proudly organized by the NG-DE Team

Robin is an entrepreneur driven by continuous improvement to empower people to learn and grow. He founded Angular.DE and wrote several books about Angular. His company Workshops.DE offers high-quality trainings for modern technologies.

Martin is Principal Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader, who has been working with JavaScript since Angularjs version 1.0.7. During his studies of mathematics and computer science he had the opportunity to teach, where his need to make the world more understandable arose. After some time with Java, he switched to JavaScript and the browser, where he is closer to the user. In his spare time he organizes the Angular meeting in Berlin.

Peter is founder and organizer of NG-DE conference and FrankenJS user group in the greater Nuremberg area. He started coding in 1998 and felt in love with AngularJS around 2011. He now works as a freelance JavaScript consultant with a strong focus on Angular applications.

Sascha is a frontend developer and webdesigner. Mainly at adorsys, but available for small assignments as well. Sascha inherently understands that the user is one of the most valuable assets an organization can have and is driven by user-driven focus, ideals and experience. When not programming or designing, Sascha enjoys traveling, going on hikes and meeting new people. He loves discussing about nearly all kind of things to improve himself or others.

Katrin works as a Design Systems Engineer at Dynatrace. With her work for the design system Barista, she is focusing on bridging the gap between designers and developers. Additionally, she is organising the #DevOne developers and ops conference in Linz. She loves being outdoors, doing sports and traveling the globe with her van and her mountain bike.

Feli is Principal Product Engineer at SinnerSchrader based in Hamburg, Germany, working in Developer Relations. She has been a developer for 13 years, is curator of the JSConf EU, team member of CSSConf EU, and organizing various meetups in Hamburg. Fun Fact: Feli is always wearing mismatched socks.

After finishing her studies in the fields of biotechnology Katja realized quite fast, that this is not the area she would love to work in. After the decision to change her professional orientation, she now works as a software developer at virtual7. While she has much experience with databases and back-end development, she is always eager to learn something new. With her fascination for what she has learned so far as Angular beginner, she is curiously looking forward to discover even more exciting things about this framework.

Madeleine is a web developer and also DevRel at 9elements in Bochum. For 9elements, she organizes the JavaScript Conference RuhrJS, the Meetups PottJS, and Facebook Developer Circle Ruhr and loves to meet new people. In her free time, she loves to draw, dance and sing karaoke (really bad, but does it matter?).

David is an Angular consultant who offers support for your Angular applications and projects. He’s also part of the Angular.DE team. We adapt Angular to your teams needs to find the perfect fit, and get the most out of Angular’s platform. For individual developers or small groups we offer monthly workshops in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Essen.

Martina always had always a strong interest in Web-Engineering. As a Software Developer of inovex GmbH she focuses on implementing highly scalable software-solution with Node.JS and Angular. Besides her work as a lecturer at the Hochschule Mannheim, she is also the Founder of the JavaScript User group and a team member for ngGirls Events and Co-organizes the local Angular Heidelberg Usergroup.