Guilherme Ventura

Guilherme Ventura

Full Stack JavaScript Engineer at Matterway

Guilherme is a JavaScript developer who loves how his work can positively impact people’s lives, one way or another. Working in front-end development, he is always looking to improve user experience, while using the best tools and better ways to deal with data.


  • Watch out: observers are here to stay talk

    The web is evolving, we got it. One of the clear consequences is the complexity of our web apps (formerly known as ‘websites’). The conciseness of functional programming and its fundamentals got our attention, but we knew we could do better. And now we have the Reactive programming model, a functional and declarative way of dealing with big amounts of data.

    In the center of it we have Observables: objects responsible to keep your application alive, reacting to any mutation your data may have, through any period of time. We’ll take a look on the concepts and also on the lib that implements it in Angular’s core: RxJS. Using the provided operators, we have great power on our hands, doing anything imaginable in a concise, declarative and easy-to-maintain way.

    Watch out: observables are here to stay!