Eliran Eliassy

Eliran Eliassy

Founder & developer @ e-square

Eliran is an experienced FE developer, specialized in B2C applications
Founder & developer @ e-square.io

Co-Organiser @ AngularUP Annual Conference
Co-Organiser and manager @ Angular-IL meetup
Writer for AngularInDepth.com


  • Bye bye NgModules talk

    Zones? Injectors? Modules? Haven’t you always wanted to create just 1 simple component without being worried about those massive buzzwords? Now you can finally get it!

    Angular is changing, and with the upcoming release of Ivy, it becomes much leaner and dynamic than before. In this talk, I will demonstrate why Angular Ivy is truly a game changer. We will understand how we can leverage the Ivy renderer to create independent components, without zones, and without the need of modules. We will learn how to import non-routable components dynamically and even to create higher order components decorators!

    Ivy is coming!