Welcome to the NG-DE Team Martina Kraus

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Since the beginning of this year, Martina supported our conference at different levels. We first got in contact while organizing an ngGirls event right before the conference, to encourage women to take part of the IT industry by offering a free Angular workshop.

After that, she helped a lot in different aspects of the conference with a super motivated and positive mindset. Totally self-motivated she started to offers help for other things like organizing a speaker-dinner, finding the good and motivated MCs and even more: Got us sponsors for our diversity and scholarship program.

Martina Kraus at Woman TechMakers

After a while, we talked about her role at the conference and how she could be involved in a more official role. As she also already got accepted as a speaker via our blind voting process we weren’t sure if we should ask her to also get even more busy as main organizer of this event. So we talked to her very open and transparent and decided that we are all aware that this will be a bit hard, especially right before the conference but we would love to have her energy in the team to make the conference even more awesome.

So a very very warm welcome for Martina! <3